Thursday, February 19, 2015

Moving one small item

No item is too small to get help with!
Call us today 323-843-4799
We'll help you move your larger sofa or your little special arm chair.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Moving day's can be the worst. or the best at One Item Move we will tailor our services around you needs.

Moving day's can be the worst. Especially when it entails getting large pieces of furniture down from a third-floor apartment, With One Item Move you can hire partial move help, loading, unloading, assembly of complex piece of furniture or hoist oversize sofa, at One Item Move we will tailor our services around you needs.
No minimum hours required, simple booking process and you set yourself a couple sets of hands. Check our website for our recent successful projects.
We invite you to try us as well. 323-843-4799

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

If there’s a way, One Item Move team will found it. - Hoisting sevices Los Angeles

You bought your dream couch.  You made it into your car, or more likely on top of your car, saving yourself money by not using moving company, your journey is about to come to a beautiful end, in your though you are sipping a coffee relaxing on your new sofa, BUT oh no, one more challenged in right in front of you!

The sofa doesn’t fit the door way…

This turning in the story can be end in nightmare, BUT not these days… and not this time…

Did you know that in one call you can get a local team of 4 or 5 high-quality, skills and experience to pack your sofa and safely hoist the sofa up through a balcony a window or even through the roof?

If there’s a way, One Item Move team will found it.

Remember One Item Move next time you buying a sofa, save yourself the trouble, measure the living room entrance, if you feel in any way that the sofa might not fit, call One Item Move for free consultation, we might be able to send someone to check your place out.

When buying un-usual, oversized or designer new sofa, no one can promise you if will fit all the way to your desire spot in your house, One Item Move can guarantee it will happened!

Call Today; 1-323-843-4799

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

One Item Move teams are assembly pro's!

Need help assembling that new piece of furniture? Don't want to spend your valuable time on trying to figure it out??? 
No worries friends! One Item Move teams are assembly pro's! Let us get that new desk, dresser, or other item out of the box and put to good use!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sofa move - One Item Move

Seriously thinking of moving this sofa by yourself???
Think again!
Who can wrap your precious sofa this beautiful?
Only your friends at One Item Move!